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What do I teach and when?


1st Hour:  Geometry

(co-taught Matt Fields)

2nd Hour: Geometry 

3rd Hour: Prep

4th Hour: Algebra 2

5th Hour: Algebra 2

6th Hour: Geometry 

Important Dates to Remember:

First Day of School - 1/2 day: August 13th

First Full Day of School:  August 14th

Labor Day - NO SCHOOL: September 2nd

Teacher Institute-NO SCHOOL: October 4th

End of 1st Quarter - 1/2 day: October 11th

Columbus Day-NO SCHOOL: October 14th

½ Day PT Confs. (5:30 PM – 8:30 PM) :  October 23rd

PT Confs. - NO SCHOOL (1-7:30 PM): October 24th

PT Confs. - NO SCHOOL (8-Noon):  October 25th 

Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL: November 11th

Thanksgiving Break: November 27th - 29th

End 2nd Quarter/1st Semester: December 20th

Holiday Break:  December 23rd - January 3rd

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